An Accountant's Guide to Crafting a Rock-Solid Engagement Letter

Your Engagement Letter Workflow (and Much More)

In this resource, we will look at two elements of a rock solid engagement letter.

The Content


The 6 key elements

everyletter should contain.




The Workflow


A better way to manage the engagement letter process and ckickstart an amazing client experience.



Accounting Engagement Letters and Why They Matter

An “engagement letter” is the point in the sales process when the rubber truly hits the road.

When done well, an engagement letter allows you and your client to become aligned on any terms, objectives, services, and stipulations before starting to work together.

A good engagement letter can…


• Set the tone for your future working relationship

• Be templatized and automated to save your team time

• Address potential issues before they become actual issues

• Prevent awkward conversations

• Protect you legally

• Lay the groundwork for client success



But there’s a problem with most engagement letters 

(and it’s probably not what you think)...

The Problem with Engagement Letters

Most accounting firms are doing engagement letters the wrong way.

There are 2 reasons:

  1. The CONTENT doesn’t address everything it should - which leads to misunderstandings, confusion, and frustration

  2. The engagement letter WORKFLOW is mostly manual and inecient - which creates unnecessary work and slows the process down

So first things first, let’s outline the ideal engagement letter content

Your Ideal Engagement Letter Checklist:

The Right Content

 The 6 Sections Every Engagement Letter Needs 

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of everything you could put in your engagement letter. However, using this checklist as a guide will help ensure you don’t leave out anything important!

Your Ideal Engagement Letter Checklist:
The Right Workflow

How to Streamline & Automate Your Engagement Letter Process

Your engagement letter has the potential to be much more than just an
agreement between you and a client. It can be the trigger that initiates
an amazing client onboarding experience. Here’s how...

When your engagement letter is integrated into a practice management
software (with the right features), it can kickstart the automation of
many time-consuming tasks.

Comparing Engagement Letter Workflows



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